Sunday, July 1, 2007


Something for the metal heads. Not sure where I got this. Maybe it was with a Virus LP. Although all the tracks are raging thrashers Virus is the only band I have vinyl by. The bands are a mix from the UK and Germany (GDR before the fall of the wall). There is no date on the tape which is on the label Metalworks. As a special treat to you I separated the tracks. Can you read the tracks on the scan? Here they are:
Deathwish - Sword Of Justice UK
Angel Dust - Legions of Destruction GDR
Deliverance - Desire UK
Necronomicon - Possessed by Evil GDR
Virus - Malignant Massacre UK
Exumer - Possessed by Fire GDR
Deathwish - Demonic Attack UK
Deliverance - Your Death UK
Angels of Malice - Fast Forward to Hell UK
Virus - T.N.T. UK


bart said...

the skull on that sleeve is from old uk punk band Destructors. i wonder if there's any link to this and them

Anonymous said...


Virus are now back together and gigging around the UK, with a new EP to be released in the next few months entitled Raped By Mutants.

check their myspace for the latest news -

Anonymous said...

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Lemongrass said...

I just picked this up on vinyl for like $3 on eBay. I love the Virus tracks too, but the one that really stood out to me was Angels of Malice. There is no info available for them on Metal Archives so I'm looking elsewhere now. Anyone got anything on them?

Anonymous said...

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