Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Xnay On The Profits

This tape was done by Mikhail of Ponk 111. (Kakistocracy?). He has a blog but I don't know if the distro is still active. His old website was one of the first with full MP3s. I remember downloading music from him when I did not have high speed and each track would take an eternitiy. I also did not have a CD burner so I would put a tape recorder next to the speaker and record like that. Crappy quality but I got into some bands I might not have otherwise at that time. Ixnay On the Profits is a fantAstic comp, as good as any, with a mix of American and English bands. Check out the names: Resist and Exist, Riot/Clone, Citizen Fish, Varukers! I guess it was done in the late 90s.


ponk-111 said...

Woo hoo! Thanks!!

And I'm not in Kakisocracy, but you should pick up their LP on Profane Existence nontheless.


Pogel said...

Sure thing. Profane Existence has some of the best stuff around.