Friday, June 29, 2007


Technical difficulties may be overcome. $5 at a local electrical shop and some cable to link up the stereo to the computer via the headphones. I will be handling requests first so there will be Killed By Death Punk and Anarcho punk. Here are Anthrax who were from Kent, England. I recorded this at The Greyhound in Fulham, (I think). The date was November 22 1982. It was a pretty big venue, but not many people turned up. Also performing were X-Cretas and Fallout. I've already posted a demo tape from X-Cretas and have the Fallout live somewhere. Very rare to hear a recording by Anthrax. Has anyone got any others? Tracks are:

1. All The Wars
2. What will Tomorrow Bring
3. Got it all Wrong
4. Exploitation
5. PPB.

6. Introduction to War
7. Prime to Pension
8. All Things Bright and Beautiful
9. Capitalism is Cannibalism
10. Violence is Violence


Rebel84 said...

Thanks for this Pogel...


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