Thursday, June 7, 2007

V/A Innate Rebellion CD
The previous entry got me thinking about Resist and Exist. I went out to California a few years back and while I was there I went to Gilman Street and videoed a few bands including Resist and Exist. Fantastic political punk. Go and buy records by all the bands on this comp. Go on check them out right now. Listen to what they have to say and turn those beliefs into lifestyle. Resistant Culture also played at the same gig. Nice people of Native American heritage. They mix their traditional music with punk. Unique and memorable. I spoke with members of different bands and they were great people, made up of both males and females, no machismo here. They save the aggression for the music and activism. The CD has contact info and lyrics in a fold oput poster. It is on Spiral Records, but is a joint venture with Catchphraze Records.


7inchcrust said...

Hi, nice cd, i ve been looking for this, Resistant Culture is the only band i haven't heard, the rest bands are great, with political attitude. but there 's a problem here: i can't download it :( you see, in some countries there's a limited number of downloading slots for megaupload and the web is full of leechers getting always every free slot. so if it could be easy for you to upload the stuff you post in some other server.. :)
Anyway, Thanks, this is a great comp. and rarepunk is nice blog:)

Pogel said...

I'll try a different uploader for you as soon as I can.