Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Here's a must have for your collection. All American bands with some you know and some you don't. Track list is:
Vox Pop- You're My Favorite
Descendents - Global Probing (pre poppy crap)
Cheifs - The Lonelys ( yes the spelling is correct)
Minutemen - Clocks (short, sweet and fierce)
Black Flag - Clocks (Henry this is what you should still sound like)
Stains - Sick and Crazy ( don't let your Mum see those stains)
Peer Group - I Saw That Movie (if you have to be tried by a jury of your peers does that mean a pervert needs to have a bunch of sickos in his jury)
Ken - Purposeless Attitudes
Slivers - Sport
Saccharine Trust - A Christmas Cry (acid punks)
Artless Entanglements -Dildos, Bondage and Toys (kinky)
Nig Heist - The Nig Heist (Black Flag roadies)
Link may have password "RPM"


Anonymous said...

You're link is fried mate! Thanks for all the good times. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Still broken, What a shame. Have a nice Day. - said...

Oh no! This one is hard to find... If you ever re-up...

Anonymous said...

PLEASE Re-Up this!!! This is GREAT and WAY hard to find!