Friday, May 25, 2007

Yr Anhrefn

Boy this post has given me a lot of grief. Anyway Yr Anhrefn were from Wales and sang in Welsh. They were a favourite of John Peel and in fact the following recordings were taken off his radio station. I have hundreds of tapes of John Peel shows, where I would stay up late at night waiting with my finger on the pause button for him to announce which band was coming next. I have a lot of sessions recorded. His show was 2 hours long and a band doing a session would normally do 4 songs which he would play about ever quarter of an hour. The show would be on from 10-12 at night and I would often fall asleep and miss the fourth track. The band were on the softer side of punk, but are high up on my punkometer. For me punk is what the bands are singing about. Music can be heavy, but have some shite, wishy washy subject like these new metal bands, or it can have fire from within. Check out other Welsh bands like Dat Blygu. Also Anhrefn have a website somewhere which has MP3s and information of their later projects. I tried to upload these all together, but DIVshare kept uploading half then booting me off. If anyone wants the track titles let me know.


Marcos said...

Hi Dude! Firstly thanks to upload this great album. Can you furnish us the tracklist?


Pogel said...

Action Man
One Man's Heaven another's Hell
Pres AM Gi
Malu Pen
Pryn a Ri
Hawaii U2
Mad Professor's Studio
The Dream
Bah Begin
Hotel Wales
Rude Boys
Clutter From The Gutter
Early One Morning
Dawns Y Duwiau
Dyfodol Disglair

Marcos said...

Thank you!

Elvis said...

Thanks, great overlooked band. You wouldn't happen to also have a copy of that old Incognito LP release "The Dave Goodman Sessions" would you!!

Cheers From Amerika,

pay for an essay said...

I think Super Furry Animals drummer Dafydd Ieuan was also in Yr Anhrefn for a time, playing on their 1993 Peel session, and SFA had started out as a techno band, supporting Yr Anhrefn on a tour of France in 1993