Sunday, May 20, 2007


The X-Cretas were from Gillingham in Kent. I saw these guys play with Fallout and Anthrax at (I think) The Fulham Greyhound. I know I have a recording of Fallout and Anthrax. I'm not sure about X-Cretas. Sometimes I had to chose which bands to record with only limited battery lifespan. After the performance I bought this tape from Loz in the band. The insert says Side 1 was recorded 30/10/82 with Trev - vox, Loz - bass, Dee - guitar, Jess - drums. Side 2 recorded 6/2/82 with changes of Bill - guitar and Pete - drums. Great anarcho music with nice pogobility. Shame is it was one of those gigs where only a handful of people were there. Where did everyone go after '82? Here's the link to the tunes. I think I've mastered the art of getting them in one folder. Let me know if there aer problems.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Another great post. Got any Krondstadt Uprising or Naked stuff. Had loads of old demos, some suffered in the heat in parents loft others got lost moving about, good start to yer blog. If your bored or have a minute to spare take a trip here:

I've stuck a link up for yours, it's all a matter of practice with the uploading etc. Stick wiv it.

Pogel said...


It'll keep me busy looking over your blog. Sorry I don't have any Kronstadt or Naked otehr than regular records.

john y? said...

hi mate,thanx for sharing!i 've been wanting to hear these songs since the early 80's-i still live in Kent,and the xcretas were a top kent punk band along with the rivals,commmited,ignerents,(not that i saw 'em),pop rivits and armitage shanks(90's).killer gear.

Trev said...

Hi Pogel, this is Trev the vocalist of the X-Cretas. Just thought i'd say cheers for posting our demos as i haven't actually got a copy myself :-) Was racking my brains trying to think where the gig was that you refer to and, although a lot of that time is a bit of a blur to me now, i'm pretty sure we never played the Fulham Greyhound so i reckon it was probably the Pied Bull in Islington.

In case you're in the slightest bit interested, here's a bit of an update on what happened to the X-Cretas and Anthrax. Loz, who you mention, went on to join Anti Sect, while i joined Bug Central (with Roger and Ben Blasphemy from Gravesend) and i'm now in Active Slaughter. Anthrax have just released a comp of all their stuff.

Anyway, cheers again.

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