Saturday, May 19, 2007

Waxwork Dummies

I'm planning on posting rare punk demos, live bootlegs etc. The first will be from my hometown of Chelmsford, Essex, England. I learnt of Waxwork Dummies through my friend, Duncan, whose brother was in the band. He gave me their cassette which I am hoping to share with y'all here. Incidentally their sister Georgina was also a cool punk. 3 punks in one family, very nice. The title of the cassette is "Studio Demo July...August 1980" Stereo Wax 1. The band line up was Mould - voice, Lawrence - guitar, piano, voice, Stuart - drums, Angus - bass. Stuart also played in nazi shithead Special Duities, but we won't hold it against him for this recording. When we were kids my friends and I studied Native American history and at one time even thought of coming over and participating in the sun dance where you are hung up with piercings through your chest. The whole concrete indian thing was like punks dressing like indians. The most famous would have been Adam Ant. OK let's see if I can create a link.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Great post, saw this lot a couple of times once in Stevenage and one some were else, did sid from rubella ballet ever drum for them ?

Pogel said...


I don't know about any other drummer. They were all local guys. I don't have any contact with them anymore. For all: ignore that the tracks start at 4 and go to 7. I am a novice at this uploading.

Molde said...

Mould ere (Waxwork Dummies singer),
How random is this?. I lost my copy of this recording years ago, so big cheers Pogel. Sid did sit in and play drums alongside Stuart once or twice for "Concrete Indian" when he was with Flux of Pink Indians, who we gigged with a few times.
I did go on and play in other bands equally as obscure (Dormant Sons and The Skraelings). Cheered up my day.

Crispy32 said...

For those of you with a taste for Waxwork Dummies and all good things punky from Chelmsford, please check out the Facebook group "Chelmsford Wild Youth" on

There's some awesome pics and things

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