Monday, April 28, 2008

Tape 425

From my tape trading days of the late '90s here's Tape 425. It contains some good street punx in the form of Choking Victim, The Banned, Disenchanted, Violent Society, The Krays, Public Nuisance, Suicidal Supermarket Trollies, uno from Kill Your Idols and a couple from Oi Polloi. As a side note over here in yankee doodle land supermarket trolleys are called carts, but not in my household! May the trolleys roll forever.

Choking Victim play some ska which I am not usually fond of but these guys had their hearts in the right places which A+ lyrics. From NYC and this was released in 1996. Some in the band went on to form Leftover Crack who aren't bad either.

I don't know anything about The Banned other than they are a lot faster and heavier than the ska boys and they sound like they are from somewhere in North America.

Shame the Violent Society track is cut off as I like them better than The Disenchanted. In fact I'm sure I have some more of their eps. Let me go and look. I found one; a split with the Boils on Schuylkill Records from 1996. It says they were from Pennsylvannia.

With a name like The Krays you might be forgiven for guessing that these lads were from the East End of London, but no they hail from Brooklyn, NY. The Krays may also be thought of in the ska camp, but here they play some nifty, tight, fast rockin' toons, except for the last one which in which they skank around and put me to sleep.

Public Nuisance have a limited website Looks like these crooked edge punks have been going for 21 years, but the sound could be early 80s UK, with some fuzzy guitars and bouncy, pogoey rhythm. They split the ep with another drunk punk band SST who are from London.

Oi Polloi of course are from Scotland. I have a super video of them somewhere in Scandinavia. The band held up signs to help the crowd sing along, but most looked like they were extremely inebriated. There was some great air guitars by some local punks using mops and brooms.

Kill Your Idols were from NYC. I bet the guy that sent me this tape was from there. Cheers whoever you are. I think when we were trading I asked for some other stuff like the Conflict records and he added on these to the last tape.

I think I did pretty good on the transfer today from tape to computer, despite being interrupted by the postman and almost burning my spicy black bean burger.

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