Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogs of the week

Thank you Cult Maniax for being one of the few to post a comment and thank you for th link to your fantasimodo site which is full of goodies. For example the Sinyx demo.
Also check out the blog which has something for everyone, not that I'm keen on those "Rancid" type punk bands nor ska. My favourites were the Idol Punch records.


Kustu said...

Hi, do you have From ashes rise - nightmares - 2003??

Its like Victims, and bands like this one.


xWatsoNx said...

Thanks Pogel :D
Sorry i don't speak english :(

Idol Punch é umas das minha bandas preferidas de grindcore, os japoneses mandam muito bem!!

Gostei do seu blog, tem muita coisa que eu ainda não conheço!
Vou fazer download de alguns álbuns aqui :D

Vou add seu blog no Back in '77

Obrigado Pogel



Pogel said...

Kustu I probably do have it, but I am disorganized at the moment. I used to have ever track recorded by every band listed, but with all this dowloading craziness I cannot keep up. If I find it I will post it for you, but it make take a while.