Saturday, August 25, 2007

dios hastio/Septicemia Split EP

Only 5 years old on Vicious Interference Records of Land O Lakes Florida comes a split with a Peruvian and a Brazilan band. Dios Hastio are from Peru. Pummeling, raging 1000 mph hardcore. Tracks are

Perpetual memories from a desolation at the distance.
A thousand names for the whore.
Zedante Universal.
Hasta Sangrar/Tierra Muerte
Nada Importa Ya

Septicemia also like the speed. I got this with a bunch of other south american records and thought from the name that they might be a grindy Carcassy band, but was pleasantly surprised, not that I mind the aforementioned genre. They are from Brazil and have a good sound that is more hardcore and less metal than many of the brazilian bands. They also start of one song with a little bit of reggae guitar, but it is deliciously out of tune. The lyrics are personal, but together with the music don't get wussy emoscreamoish. Tracks:

The outer record cover is kinda boring and the inner has the lyrics and translations to English. I think I'll send them an e-mail of encouragement.
password: RPM


dib said...

sorry that i upload here this question but i dont know where i post it...anyway, i search for LAST RITES from scotland, WE DON'T CARE 7" (Flicknife, 1983)and FASCISM MEANS WAR 7" (Essential, 1984)can anyone upload them? thanks, nice blog mate!

Pogel said...

Sorry Dib the closest I've got in name but not in sound is the American Last Right. Maybe somone else can help us.

Toxik Boys said...

Verdaderos clásicos en sus paises, esto a nivel sudamericano es una gran reliquia.
Dios Hastio son de los que incorporan el punk sucio y más veloz de lo comun en estas tierras.

Great post!, a must!