Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New England

Continuing from the previous post on a regional punk theme here's a CD of bands from New England and maybe other places. If I make an error I'm more than likely to generate a comment from the void of cyber space. http://rapidshare.com/files/167294800/New_england.rar


kingpossum said...

Awesome blog! I just discovered all the great tunes here...thanks for taking the time and energy to post this stuff--Bad Brains and the Huskers live!!

Request: can anybody post the King Flux 7" that Richie Stotts made after the Plasmatics? Side A is "1944", and I don't know the B side.

Thanks and props,


wow it seem's that my love of music has pissed alot people off i just don't see whats wrong with posting what i like even if i took it from othere blog hell it happened to me in my first month blogging i just don't think it's a big deal the music should be in more places.


Good blog! I'll continue readin' u :)
Kisses from the north of Spain ;)

help writing term paper said...

What's New England? Do you mean USA of another country?