Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hepatit D comp

Maybe someone can shed some more light on this delightful compilation. I think it is four Swedish bands from 2 cities. The record sleeve is very DIY and the record although on a light pink marble vinyl has a blank center label and the sound is more like a practice session. Although I can make mistakes on the recordings the gap of 30 seconds between the first and second tracks is how it comes. Of the four bands Atomvinter, Redrum Inc., Greenscab and Disorganized I had only heard of Atomvinter before.

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Slobodan Burgher said...

This is the first time I've seen this until now. I know of some of the bands, esp Greenscab who used to be called the Doodles in the late 1980s.

I could not find any info on the otherwise good english-language resource at, so I'll translate what the leaflet says:

"Mangel [=thrash/crust] from 2 towns"

"To bring out a record is really not the easist thing, but it comes with some funny incidents. For example when the record press calls on your answering phone and starts to moan that the tapes that I sent could not be used. "it is too noisy and it is not properly editied". you could be cynical and think that people that work at record plants should know that there is all sorts of various styles of music, but perhaps it is the case that we should be happy that crust and thrash stays outside the so-called greedy jaws of the establishment [sic!]. The incident with the recordplant at least coincides with the fact that the sound on the record is diffenret from what is heard on the master BUT THAT IS PUNK..."

The rest of the inner/backcover has contact to the bands and lyrics...

The contact on the cover is forone of the guys from Greenscab (think we interviewed him for an old fanzine back in teh early 1990s) who I would assume put this together...

The two cities is Goteborg/Gothenburg on the west coast (where I come from btw) and Malmo/Lund which is at the extreme south across the sea from Copehagen & Denmark.