Sunday, February 14, 2010

Murder Suicide Pact

Last night I went to see Bob and the boys play. There is a new venue in Sarasota on 12th St. Just a rented house with the gig in the front room. The sound was pretty good. I saw local bands Injustice System and Thaw. INJ/SYS had a 3 piece with drums, vocals and guitar. Fast hardcore which I liked. I have a demo cassette, but who knows if I'll ever figure out how to connect the tape deck to the computer again. The four guys in Thaw played one song that lasted for 15 minutes. Very slow, loud sludgecore. It was a nice break from breakneck speed music. MSP now have Alonso (also of Control De Estado super band link now on bass. MSP were as tight as ever and Bob was full of energy doing high kicks, rolls and lifting members of the audience up head high and spinning them around. They have a new record coming out soon. Here's their website Bob gave me a demo of the new stuff. This is only the rough version and not the finished record quality. Password "RPM".

Two weeks from now No Fraud are playing at the same venue in SRQ.

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