Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anti You

This weekend Bob at Sound Idea Distribution celebrated his 13th year in business. A great line up was arranged at the night started off with the raging Louisiana outfit "Reason of Insanity", then "WarSystem" featuring Pat Lawlor of "Terrorain" fame, from the Florida punk rock hall of fame "F", No Fucker pummeling out some ear blistering dbeat, some angry female fronted punk in "Religious SS Disorder" and headlining some very nice boys from Roma Italy "Anti You" who also play some very nice 80s US style hardcore. I still haven't figured out how to record video onto my computer and so this audio is as close as you're going to get. Oh also Bob and his old buddies got back together for a jam. Here is the Anti You and F. If you are interested in more bands let me know.
Here are also some scans of the bands records which you can buy from Bob at

1 comment:

abwarts said...

whooo - a live recording from F!!! thats amazing!!
many thanks for it & the other band.
i'll also be happy to hear the others that played that night since i don't know them....