Friday, March 21, 2008

Shaved Women

I was looking at the Phoenix Hairpins site and after reading about Dog Faced Hermans I thought about the compilation CDs I made of female fronted bands. (One or two of the bands are errors with some pubescent boys singing). I titled these:

"She's My Destruction"
"Dead Men Don't Rape"
"Shaved Women"
PW: rpm

I made these CDs for a girl who was going to make me some CDs, but like some trades I lost out and only got 1 in return. I don't know where the track list is for "Dead Men Don't Rape". I guess I could go through the songs and write them down, so maybe I'll post it later. Does anyone remember or have the "My Girlfriend Was a Punk" CD that put out? They did lots of CDs of rare stuff, but I don't think anything is for sale anymore. All I managed to get was the Killjoys CD from the site.


Natha said...

i can not download that files..
error page..

Anonymous said...

Do you still need the My Girlfriend Was a Punk comp?

I can upload it for you...