Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Swell Maps

Swell Maps took music and broke it down to basic elements. Many zany instrumentals to faster garaget type punk. A very influential band that should be listed with the other Proto Punk bands of the time as they started in the early 70s and continued playing until the end, literally as brothers Nikki Sudden carried on playing until his death in 2006 and Epic Soundtracks (what a great name) died in 1997. "Let's Build a Car" is one of my all time favourite songs. This LP is a compilation by Epic and Nikki of their songs from deleted tracks and practice recordings. I bought it back in 1986. I see the flash obscured side two's track list and I'm too lazy to rescan, but they are:

clear the floor

the cave dwellers

dresden style

ammunition train

black velvet

doctor at cake

elephant flowers


rundown tube

texas Password "rpm"


terminaltoy said...

nice to see this up. nikki was pretty active here in berlin these last 15 years or so. a character, sadly missed.

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