Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blitzkrieg - Animals in Lipstick

Liverpool boys recorded in 1983 on Sexual Phonograph Records. This is the only record I have on this label. Anyone know what else was on it?


John Liedown said...

No. But it would seem to be an offshoot of Illuminated records as theres an illuminated logo on the rear. Released stuff by destructors, poison girls, sex gang etc. Maybe a one off for the band?

Curious Guy said...

'Be My NY Doll' 7" by XPOZEZ was the 2nd release on this label. Still couldn't find what the 1st one is (if there is one) as Blitzkrieg is the 3rd and probably last release.

Slobodan Burgher said...

I know nothing. But I'd buy that Discharge poster for £50 tho'

Andre said...

I know nothing about that label either sorry, but thank you so much for this Blitzkrieg EP!

I found a 5 track demo (1982) of theirs on another site the other day... Do you have anymore of their stuff??

I'm after:
Back To No Future LP.
Lest We Forget EP.
The Future Must Be Ours LP.

Great blog you have here btw.. Cheers!

Pogel said...

I'll try to get to your request when I can pull out the records.

Cadiz said...

The Label name was Sexual Phonograph.

Europe in the Year Zero was the first (SPH1) release via IKF & Illuminated. That (12") had Yazoo, Sudeten Creche & Colour Me Pop.

Illuminated had an office next to the Maison Rouge Recording Studio. They were quite close to the Tube Station at Fulham Broadway.

zenpunk said...

thanks for sharing this,ive been after stuff by blitzkrieg for ages,really want to find 'lest we forget' ep.
no idead about other stuff on this label though.

Tom said...


I play drums for the new Blitzkrieg. and i can probably find out what you need to know from chris the only original member in the band

if you make me a lil list of shit to ask ill get a list of answers back for you

ive got lest we forget ep atm as ive got to learn some of the old songs for our current tours


message there and chris will answer u

Anonymous said...

Also on Sexual Phonograp:
Destructors "Armageddon In Action" LP

Anonymous said...

... I mean

Also on Sexual Phonograph:
Destructors "Armageddon In Action" LP



Anonymous said...

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