Monday, October 1, 2007


Boy life is fun, especially if you don't think about the shit that goes on. Had a great time camping. My 7 year old asked what was the purpose of wasps i.e what did they contribute to the world. I asked him what was the point of humans. He said to look after the world. I told him they weren't doing a very good job, wasps are more useful and less dangerous.
Also I went to see the legengary Florida punk band "F" play at Sound Idea in Brandon the other day. Damn fine show. The bassist was dressed like a wrestler ala Nacho Libre or Kendo Nagasaki, they let off fire extinguishers and I got F'd up. What a sexy body! My 13 year old daughter goes with me and also had a thoroughly good time. Burritto Records from Sound Idea have the F EP. Also the band has a My Space. they have been going since before most of you were born.

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