Monday, October 29, 2007

D.A.F. - Die Kleinen und die Bosen

D.A.F. stands for "Deutsch Amerikanishe Freundschaft" (German/American Friendship) . This LP "The little and the evil" is in my top ten all time best LPs so I'm going to share it with you and broaden your interests. Side A is studio and Side B is fucking psycho live from March 1980.
The band was mainly comprised of Robert Gorl a German who later went off to Asia to live a Buddhist live and Gabi Delgado-Lopez a Spaniard who later went to live in Scandinavia. The band were criticized unfairly for some of their imagery and logos also for their homo eroticism. Later LPs nearly always show them with naked torsos. How shocking! I introduced my friends in Nitzer Ebb to D.A.F. and you can see and hear the influence they had. D.A.F. recently got back together for a couple of gigs and put out a CD in 2003 which is very good, but was pretty hard to get hold of. It's simply called "Funfzehn Neue DAF Lieder"(15 new DAF songs) and has the two looking as sexy as ever and playing music as good as anything they made back in the early 80s. D.A.F. were signed to Mute Records, a label that released a lot of good electronic bands. The latest though is on Superstar Recordings. Here's also some you tube links

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