Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mau Maus - Live at The Marples


Live LP 2nd September 1983 from Mau Maus. On Pax records. Good sound and excellent booklet of Pax Fax accompanies it. There was also an american Mau Maus. This is the Sheffield band. They had a lot going for them. They appealed to punx and skins and played abrasive music with good lyrics, but could also carry a tune. They appear on a few comps and I have 3 eps, this live LP and another LP by them. By the way the Mau Maus were an African tribe who rebelled against imperialist colonials.

This post is becoming very trying. The Blogger photo uploader won't work and Rapidshare got down to 1 minute the reset back up to 40 minutes, now it's lost the connection. Then I tried to copy a cd for you and the computer won't recognise the CD.


John Liedown said...

Mau Maus & the Mob, the only bands I deemed worthy for the back of my leather in 82.
Love this band. Thank you.

jamie headcharge said...

I have original recording and flyer for this gig, The original is Mau maus and Plastik toyz live at the marples (I was singer with PT) but unfortunatley our guitarist left not long after this gig and we split and it never got released, I also have the 1st copy of wargasm on both white test pressing and public release, Love them days!!!