Friday, October 26, 2007

Low Countries

I named this mixed CD "Low Countries" The first band is from Italy and the last two from Germany, but the others are from The Netherlands and Belgium.

1-2 Attaccabrighe IT
3 Abandon All Hope NL
4-7 All Odds Agaisnt Me NL
8-15 Betercore NL
16 Chosen Few BEL
17-22 Goodfellas BEL
23-26 Far To Close BEL
27-31 the Corrosives NL
32-35 Konhaarhanekan NL
36 Emils GER
37-38 GER

I had thought Emils were a later version of Slime, but apparantly this is not so.


mrmagoomc4 said...

pogel yeah im back hope you liked the bootlegs got loads more to post mate been buzy transfering the fuckers your blog has evolved really wll mate loads of variety to choose from keep it up........

baba said...

emils liked slime so they read the name backwards and viola emils ;)