Monday, October 29, 2007

Prophecy Of Doom - Peel Sessions

From the quaint British county of Gloustershire came the overlooked band Prophecy of Doom. 1990 recording so by now the punks were playing much heavier grind metal punk. Love it! Also I have to post it as a counter balance to the next post by D.A.F.


D.A.F. - Die Kleinen und die Bosen

D.A.F. stands for "Deutsch Amerikanishe Freundschaft" (German/American Friendship) . This LP "The little and the evil" is in my top ten all time best LPs so I'm going to share it with you and broaden your interests. Side A is studio and Side B is fucking psycho live from March 1980.
The band was mainly comprised of Robert Gorl a German who later went off to Asia to live a Buddhist live and Gabi Delgado-Lopez a Spaniard who later went to live in Scandinavia. The band were criticized unfairly for some of their imagery and logos also for their homo eroticism. Later LPs nearly always show them with naked torsos. How shocking! I introduced my friends in Nitzer Ebb to D.A.F. and you can see and hear the influence they had. D.A.F. recently got back together for a couple of gigs and put out a CD in 2003 which is very good, but was pretty hard to get hold of. It's simply called "Funfzehn Neue DAF Lieder"(15 new DAF songs) and has the two looking as sexy as ever and playing music as good as anything they made back in the early 80s. D.A.F. were signed to Mute Records, a label that released a lot of good electronic bands. The latest though is on Superstar Recordings. Here's also some you tube links

Friday, October 26, 2007

Low Countries

I named this mixed CD "Low Countries" The first band is from Italy and the last two from Germany, but the others are from The Netherlands and Belgium.

1-2 Attaccabrighe IT
3 Abandon All Hope NL
4-7 All Odds Agaisnt Me NL
8-15 Betercore NL
16 Chosen Few BEL
17-22 Goodfellas BEL
23-26 Far To Close BEL
27-31 the Corrosives NL
32-35 Konhaarhanekan NL
36 Emils GER
37-38 GER

I had thought Emils were a later version of Slime, but apparantly this is not so.


I have driven through Luxemburg several times on the way to Germany. I also saw them lose something like 8-0 to England at Wembley when I was a kid. However, being the champion of underdogs that I am I cheered for Luxemburg. Didn't go down well with some people. At home I always felt like a tourist. Know what I mean?

Lots of these bands are from Luxembourg. Some are a bit screamo, but still not bad. If you like the sound of a band search them out and give them some encouragement.

Track List:

1-2 Extinct
3 Def Dump
4-5 Kaospilot
6 Die My Demon
7 Time Out
8-9 The Set Up
10 Congress
11 First Alliance
12 Righteous Jams
13-14 Break It Up
15 In Arms Reach
16 Justice
17 Act Of Ignorance
18 Rise And Fall
19-21 Sunpower
22-23 Sideshow
24-26 The Last Millenium
27 Kitshickers
28 Killtime
29 Shards
30-32 Patrol
33 CH3
34 B.O.L.
35 Vrisak Generacije
36 Personal Vendetta


Check out the running riot website for a whole bunch more rare gems. I haven't paid for Megaupload at the mo so I can only download one file at a time, so they'll take a while. The first three I did were the Court Martial, Blitzkrieg and Mayhem demos.

Website of the week goes to which has a whole bunch of goodies. It's in Spanish. I'm not sure which country it's based from, but I like it a lot with some bands I'd never heard of like Tragetelo which has Martin from LimpWrist etc drumming.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blitzkrieg - Animals in Lipstick

Liverpool boys recorded in 1983 on Sexual Phonograph Records. This is the only record I have on this label. Anyone know what else was on it?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some tunes which I thought were French, but turn out to be from Luxemburgh around 1996 on Skunk Records. This says pay no more than $3.50. The record shop tried to sell it for $3.99. What gives? Anyway I got it for 50c, I should send the balance to Europe, but I'm a tight bastard.

Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers, & Presidennti

This is one the the best compilations ever. It has everything going for it that got the juices flowing of a young punk. It came from Italy in 1982 and only cost one pound, it is on red vinyl, the booklet has info from each band, it has the quirkiness of being 33rpm on one side and 45 rpm on the other. Also the rawness of the production inspired one to make similar music. Lastly I just love those fuzzy Italian guitars.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bored Youth - Touch and Go

I have this ep which is on Lost and Found Records and released in 1990, but the songs are originally from November 1981. A real gem. Can't find any info about the band, except that Flex says I must have the first edition of the 2000 pressing as I have the red vinyl. I separated the A side tracks but not the B side. It's only 5 minutes long a I think it runs better together.

Land Speed Sonic

Great name for a blog and my site of the week. It has a super mix of punk, from d-beat to ska. What are you waiting for check it out!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Punk Poets - Repost

problems with the link. Let me know if this turns out correct. I wonder why it kept getting corrupted with the other band.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sound Idea

Check out Bob's new radio show at

Punk Pearls 2

10 bands including one of extreme controversy.

1-2 999
3-5 Camera Silens
6-8 Carpettes
9-11 Chron Gen
12-14 Plugz
15-17 Sham 69
18-20 Skrewdriver
21-23 Slaughter and the Dogs
24-26 Stiff Little Fingers
27-29 Social Distortion
30 Yobs

Punk Pearls 1

1-3 Abrasive Wheels
4-6 Adicts
7-9 Anti Pasti
10-12 Blitz
13-14 Business
15-16 Chelsea
17-19 Enemy
20-21 Infa Riot
22-24 Komintern Sect
25-27 Menace
28-30 Partisans

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Punk Pearls 3

Damn computer technical difficulties again. I think I'm abusing this machine. Here is a little compilation of classic original punk ala '77 . It's midnight here and I've been up since 4 this morning so I can't be bothered to do the track list now. Gotta hit the sack. Some of you should know all the bands. There are 11 bands.

1-3 Adverts
4-6 Boys
7 Eater
8-9 Lurkers
10-12 Outcasts
13-15 Professionals
16-18 Ramones
19-20 Rudi
21-23 Stranglers
24-25 Sub Kids
26-28 Trotskids

Punks on Postcards

Did you watch those videos over on GoodBadMusic? I saw the Islington Squat documentary a long time ago. Those were the days! Hey don't be too hard on the young american punk in Camden. His heart is in the right place. I've looked more stupid and said worse. Punk is Wankers!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

John Peel

Here's some rare early punk sessions from the John Peel show. I don't like White Cats, but here you are anyway. Special prize for anyone who can tell which track Mau Maus covered. PW: RPM

Mau Maus - Live at The Marples

Live LP 2nd September 1983 from Mau Maus. On Pax records. Good sound and excellent booklet of Pax Fax accompanies it. There was also an american Mau Maus. This is the Sheffield band. They had a lot going for them. They appealed to punx and skins and played abrasive music with good lyrics, but could also carry a tune. They appear on a few comps and I have 3 eps, this live LP and another LP by them. By the way the Mau Maus were an African tribe who rebelled against imperialist colonials.

This post is becoming very trying. The Blogger photo uploader won't work and Rapidshare got down to 1 minute the reset back up to 40 minutes, now it's lost the connection. Then I tried to copy a cd for you and the computer won't recognise the CD.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Court Martial

A Riot City release from the magic year of 82. The band members look like they are about 14 or 15 years old. PW:RPM

Public Execution/Dana Sixty and the Pistol Grips

I think both bands were from Ohio. The Public Execution tracks appear to be from 1987, whereas Dana 60 is from 1999. PW: RPM

Public Disgrace

More early 80s punk. Public Disgrace were from Liverpool. Very basic music, you can taste the cheap cider oozing from the record grooves. Cannot find any info if they did any more vinyl.


Boy life is fun, especially if you don't think about the shit that goes on. Had a great time camping. My 7 year old asked what was the purpose of wasps i.e what did they contribute to the world. I asked him what was the point of humans. He said to look after the world. I told him they weren't doing a very good job, wasps are more useful and less dangerous.
Also I went to see the legengary Florida punk band "F" play at Sound Idea in Brandon the other day. Damn fine show. The bassist was dressed like a wrestler ala Nacho Libre or Kendo Nagasaki, they let off fire extinguishers and I got F'd up. What a sexy body! My 13 year old daughter goes with me and also had a thoroughly good time. Burritto Records from Sound Idea have the F EP. Also the band has a My Space. they have been going since before most of you were born.